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Three Tower Types



If you're looking for a tower able to support a heavy load and give you height, a self-supporting tower is the right choice. Our self-supporting towers possess large-equipment-holding capacity and are also very useful when you have limited ground space.


Magnum provides a full line of pre-welded and knock-down self-supporting towers for all communication applications. We offer both three- and four-legged towers in our self-supporting tower line.


Self-supporting towers are often chosen where property values are high or construction space is extremely limited.


Standard materials are solid round or solid angle, so you will never have to worry about interior rust or leg splitting due to the build-up of interior ice. Pipe legs are also an available option. Out self-supporting towers have been installed in every soil condition, including rocky mountain tops. Several towers have been placed on roof tops in a city core area where no ground space was available for construction.



Guyed towers are our specialty. Our guyed towers range from 60-foot met towers to 1300-foot radio towers. Guyed towers will give you the most height per dollar.


Our lattice designed guyed towers allow wind to pass through while retaining great strength to give you the height you need. Also, guyed towers do not require large foundations.


The primary advantage of a pre-welded guyed tower is relatively low manufacturing and erection costs. Magnum offers a full line of pre-welded guyed towers.



Our monopoles are used when reaching great heights is not a priority.

Constructed out of high-grade steel, our monopoles can hold heavy loads and are very durable.




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