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             does Magnum Towers have such a long list
         of satisfied customers in so many industries throughout the United States and around the world?  Here's why ...

Since 1976 Magnum Towers has manufactured strong, dependable towers that have a proven track record of reliability. Customers include broadcast, microwave, cellular, railroad, wind, and other industries in the U.S. and throughout the world. Knowledgeable leadership, skilled design and engineering, and quality construction that withstands time and the worst of weather and circumstances: that's what we have to offer you.


Our staff is ready to answer questions, and we'll be happy to bid out your next project. You can depend on our products, experience, and excellent service.




Tower Services

Expertly designed and fabricated product" is what comes to mind when I look back at the history Salem Communications has had with Magnum Towers. From simple guyed AM towers to well crafted narrow faced self-support towers, their turn-key solutions have always been a dependable choice for us. We appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to providing not only towers, but the associated material for an entire project.  If you need towers, copper for AM ground systems, or any other tower related hardware, you are in good hands with Magnum. I have depended on them for two decades and will continue to do so in the future.

John B. Ehde, Vice President Engineering, Salem Communications


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