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Tower Services




We engineer our foundations to specifically match the requirements of our towers.

All of our foundations are designed by professional engineers and come with a PE stamp by an engineer from the state in which the foundation is built.

Our foundations include drill piers, slab, and anchor foundations.

New Tower Installations


  • Tower mapping

  • Guyed towers, self supporting towers, monopoles

  • Gin pole, crane, and helicopter installations

  • Met towers with wind instrumentation and data loggers

  • Complete AM installations

  • FM, TV, and communication towers

  • Cellular poles

  • Antenna and dish installations

  • Ice shields

  • Standard and high intensity lighting systems






Existing Tower Services


  • Tower painting/galvanizing
    We provide a variety of finishes, including FAA approved tower white and tower orange paint, hot-dip galvanized, or custom epoxy paint finishes (military applications).

  • Plumb and tension

  • Tower, antenna, and feedline inspections

  • Lightning protection

  • Guy wire change outs

  • Tower modifications

  • Bracing upgrades

  • Tower removal and demolition

  • Grounding and tower bonding

  • Transmission lines

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