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When you ask Magnum to design your tower, you can be confident in its quality. Every tower manufactured by Magnum is uniquely engineered for our client's specific applications and needs. 

From Design to Installation

Ask us how our towers stood tall in Guam after a hurricane hit the area.



Each tower design plan considers not only the environmental load conditions (wind, ice, and seismic loads), but also considers the construction personnel and equipment availability, local terrain, and suitability of the structure for the proposed application. Our alternating brace direction eliminates progressive rotational tower twist caused by the large permanent downward force of tall guyed towers. Each tower is provided with a set of engineering calculations, plans, and specifications that meet or exceed the latest versions of TIA-222-G standards. A complete set of calculations are provided in which member stresses and tower twist and sway are completely and clearly presented for review by the local building authority. Each tower is provided with a set of engineering drawings that succinctly summarize the design of the tower, including every leg, web, gusset, boil and weld size, as well as overall tower geometry, panel point spacing, and foundation details.



At Magnum we use 360 degree welds on all of our towers. All of our welders are AWS certified. Each tower is supervised during production and inspected by an independent AWS certified welding inspector upon completion. Thick parts are pre-heated prior to welding to prevent laminar tearing and minimize weld shrinkage stress. Tower sections are very precisely fabricated with the use of specially designed fit-up jigs to insure that tower member assembly is plumb, square, and true to line. We fabricate a diverse variety of steel, aluminum, and magnesium structures and structural components. We are often asked to be creative in bringing a client's vision into reality. Magnum can provide antenna mounts, roof top tower support frameworks, OSHA approved climbing ladders, gin poles (steel or magnesium) waveguide support brackets, and much more.



When the time comes to install your tower, you can count on us. Your tower will be put up smoothly and safely. We stand by our reputation of installing towers and antennas on time, the first time. Our crews are equipped and ready. Our company specializes in complete tower and antenna installations for most all vertical applications. We provide construction services related to tower installations from the initial foundations to the final installation of antennas. We have the knowledge, reliability, and -- most importantly -- the experience to perform your tower needs.

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